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Hello, I’m Henning. I create digital interfaces for small devices, visual identities for regular-sized brands and wayfinding systems for extra large spaces.

Here’s a list of things I’ve done. Let’s add more!




Visual Identity, Digital Interface

Light arouses emotions – it directs our gaze, underlines moods and creates an atmosphere. LEDXON develops highly customized lighting systems for stores, from shelves to ceilings. After 30 years of seeking out innovative solutions for their clients, it was time to launch a distinct visual identity that matches their dedication to the craft.

Art direction for hauser lacour


Visual Identity, Digital Interface

RADIAL aims to create products for an enthusiastic digital future. Since 2001 the Frankfurt based design studio delivers everything from concept scribble to finished product, from strategy to product range – always operating at the interface between design and technology. Connecting the immaterial processes between perception and cognition became a leitmotif for the new identity, with an adaptive logo fluently changing in radiant blue spaces.

Art direction for hauser lacour

Sport Digital – Die ALBAthek

Digital Interface, Visual Identity

The ALBATHEK starts out online – but gets physical pretty quickly! Together with ALBA Berlin and Die Brueder, I designed a digital coaching tool that helps educators from different backgrounds easily create sports classes and structure them more effectively. Interviews with more than 100 teachers laid the groundwork for the new platform. Today it features 200+ games for kids from all age groups supplemented by webinars and expert insights.

Digital concept and art direction for Die Brueder

BGV icon language

Visual Identity

Encountering a well established insurance company from Baden, you’d expect a pretty distinct dialect of course. So I imagined their visual lingo should be just as recognizable – precise and reliable but also lively and a little cheeky. I designed a set of 75 icons for insurance products, services and merchandise.

Illustrations for hauser lacour

Dagens Naeringsliv

Digital Interface

Whether online or in print, Dagens Næringsliv is Norways’s leading platform for economy news. Renowned for its quality content in both writing and visual journalism, a major goal concerning the redesign was to emphasize these assets. The design process was further based on extensive UX research and testing, aiming to optimize usability with a focus on Norwergians’ media habits (they love their frontpages bold and tightly packed), ease-of-use, recirculation and reading experience.

Art direction for Bureau Johannes Erler
with Henning Skibbe, Jonas Buntenbruch & Lasse Wolf

Elbjazz festival

Digital Interface

The Elbjazz Festival features more than 50 musical acts presented against the unique scenery of Hamburg Harbour. Together with the Elbjazz team, I refined the existing CI and developed a new website interface – translating the festival’s liveliness into an appropriate online experience. To make the website more fun and handy during the festival, we introduced new features like a personalized timetable and curated artist playlists.

Oberhafen Quartier


Initially used as a freight depot, Hamburg’s Oberhafen quarter today hosts creatives from all kinds of fields on 67,000 sqm. To provide guidance for tenants and visitors alike, the wayfinding system introduces a vibrant color coding system. The use of material and texture in signage elements is inspired by the location’s traditional industrial artifacts.

Art Direction for Die Brueder
production by vonschmidt

Reeperbahn Festival: The Journal

Digital Interface

The Reeperbahn Festival is Hamburg’s biggest platform for artists, fans and the music industry. In 2019, we launched a digital review documenting the essential topics that shape the event – the Reeperbahn Festival Journal.

Art direction for Die Brueder

Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation

Visual Identity, Digital Interface

The Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation collects, exhibits and supports photographic work since 2015. Its Deutsche Börse Art Collection is an impressive accumulation of contemporary photographs comprising more than 1600 pieces by some 100 international artists.

Deriving from the design of Deutsche Börse Group, the new corporate identity presents a flexible design system across a wide variety of media. Subtle and strict with a strong focus on the artworks, but also playful in modulation of its wordmark’s distinct initials.

Art direction for hauser lacour
with Mirjam Platz & Kiki Schmidt

hamburg ahoi

Visual Identity, Digital Interface

From 2016 to 2019, hamburg ahoi was a bilingual online magazine initiated by Hamburg Tourism. On the website, a small group of authors and photographers presented intimate stories of Hamburg’s makers to an international audience. The website’s CI transformed Hamburg’s distinct visual identity into an autonomous, modular design system.

Art direction for Die Brueder

Fraport headquarters


Fraport is a transport company which operates Frankfurt Airport, one of the world’s most important aviation hubs and Germany’s biggest workplace. Its new headquarters consist of two main wings connected by a large light-filled lobby. The architecture’s openness and transparence embodies Fraport’s new-found company culture – A motif that also influences the wayfinding concept.

Typographically, the guiding system consists of two and three letter codes derived from the company’s internal language. Mounted with translucent film, the codes give directions from further away while detailed informations become legible from up close.

Art direction for hauser lacour
with Alexander Horn
Photography ©Becker Lacour

trivago Campus Düsseldorf


The campus provides a new home for trivago and its 1,500 employees at Medienhafen Düsseldorf. Wayfinding and Signage are based on a concept derived from trivago’s brand proposition. The “band of trust” attaches itself to the offices’ curved walls and becomes a red thread for both employees and visitors.

Art direction for trivago
with Anna Druckrey & Steffen Kauenhowen

Photography ©trivago, ©Schwitzke

FH Münster visual identity

Visual Identity

The FH Münster, with 13,000 students and 12 faculties one of the largest FHs in Germany, refines its brand identity. The approach to its revised corporate design is rooted in the university’s aspiration to become more agile and flexible in addressing their target groups.

The new brand architecture establishes visual coherence for all faculties and institutes based on a system of three letter codes. On a graphic level, a system of twelve dynamic patterns is introduced to privide a framework for accentuating different tonalities – from classic insititutional to active and vibrant.

Creative direction for hauser lacour
with Alexandra Fukazawa

FH Münster website

Digital Interface

The new website sets the tone for FH Münster’s comprehensive brand relaunch. As one of the main channels to transport the brand’s identity, the website aims to establish itself as a central content hub, connecting dynamic content and media. “FH Storys”, a newly conceived content feature provides multifaceted insights into campus life by the university’s protagonists – students, teachers and employees.

Creative direction for hauser lacour
with Felix Kopp

Indiecon microsite

Digital Interface

Indiecon is a two-day publishing festival in Hamburg. It brings together the creators of independent magazines, books, art prints and zines. The microsite provides an overview of participating publishers from all over the world while presenting a visual review of past Indiecon events.

Art direction for Die Brueder

Art Director’s Club exhibition


The ADC Germany’s annual festival hosts the world’s largest exhibition of works from all creative disciplines. To conquer this visual complexity, the wayfinding system appears bold and distinct. Set in ADC’s iconic Futura typeface, quotes by prominent creatives provide guidance and structure within the exhibition.

Art direction for hauser lacour

Sony exhibition booth


The Sony trade fair stand at IFA Berlin brings together 1,600 products in an integrated brand world. In coordination with the Sony Creative Center in Tokyo, Schmidhuber and hauser lacour aligned the design of Hall 4 at Berlin’s exhibition center to the reorientation.

Clearly designed infographics and labels for 900 products safely guided visitors through the product worlds “Play”, “Watch”, “Listen” and “Create”. Suspended displays surrounding the presentation area form a 360-degree panorama visualizing the brand horizon using motion graphics.

Art Direction for hauser lacour / Schmidhuber
with Johanno Hess & Alexander Horn
Photography: ©Becker Lacour

Teaching & Talking

  • Designschule Schwerin
    Lecturer: Interface Design
  • Münster School of Design @FH Münster
    Guest Lecturer
  • Department Design @HAW Hamburg
    Guest Lecturer
  • FH Münster, FH Darmstadt, FH Mainz
    Talks and Workshops on Interface Design and Wayfinding


  • The projects by teams I’ve lead and worked with have been recognised by various design juries, including iF communication design award (3x), Red Dot Design Award (2x), DDC Award Digital Media, Annual Multimedia Award, Iconic Award & 100 beste Plakate